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Piano-based rhythms, sugar-coated pop hooks and Beach Boys-esque harmonies aren’t things you’d expect to hear from the Hopeless/Sub City roster, the labels that launched the successful careers of such punk greats as Thrice and Avenged Sevenfold.But Orange County-based Melee, incorporates these aforementioned elements to formulate an album rich with songs that merge the indie-rock sound with pop sensibilities that will strike a chord with not only the Hopeless/Sub City punk-based crowd, but will also extend outwards to fans of Rooney, Maroon 5 and Phantom Planet.Take one spin of the band’s debut album, Everyday Behavior, and you’ll take notice. The members of Melee launched their group at the tail end of 1999, while still in their teens, steadily performing throughout their locales of Orange County with a decidedly power-pop slant to their material.It didn't take very long for listeners to catch on. Within a blazing year, the attention given to the group by their local musical community was rather impressive — in fact, it was enough to generate the interest of Sub City (a division of Hopeless Records), who inked the band with a deal in March 2003 and re-released their Against The Tide EP that summer.After finding a new drummer to fill the void in the band's line-up (Mike Nader), the band next enlisted veteran indie-rock producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Jets To Brazil, The Promise Ring) as the first major step towards creating their debut full length for Sub City Records.The resulting album is a highly diverse amalgamation of the band's primary influences, which extend from Pizzicato Five to U2 to The Beach Boys. In fact, it's impossible to deny that Everyday Behavior isn't an all-inclusive mix. Although Melee performs within the indie-rock genre, their album’s dynamic variety makes it difficult to pigeonhole, unlike most of their peers.And while Everyday Behavior helps break ground musically for the oft-stifled indie-rock set, it also makes a notable monetary contribution to a worthwhile cause. Proceeds from the album will help benefit Orangewood PALS, an organization committed to fight child abuse and neglect in Orange County, California, where most of the band resides.Everyday Behavior is about what the band has really gone through. It is an album with simple moments and complexities, love and hate; it is a representation that all these things can exist together in the same world — or album.