Dudu Tassa

Dudu Tassa: sobre

Dudu Tassa grew up in Tel-Aviv in the 1980s andreleased his first album at the age of 13. He is one of Israel's mostprominent singer-songwriters and guitarist on demand as well as a dominantfigure in the Israeli rock scene.

Dudu has released 10 albums. In 2009he released his sixth album, 'In The End You Get Used ToEverything'. The single 'What a Day', featuring Radioheadguitarist Jonny Greenwood, was frequently played on radio stations.

In 2012 Dudu Tassa received the ACUM prize for best musical production. He has done numerous collaborations with prominent artists such as Shlomo Artzi, Barry Sacharov, Yehudith Ravitz, Yair Dalal, and more, and has featured as actor and musician in Israeli feature film.